Warm up 2/7/14

How did the Lord of the Flies film differ from what you imagined? If you were a filmmaker what would you change? Who would you cast for the major characters and why?

The Lord of the Flies film was a lot more fast paced than what I had imagined. It was also a lot darker of a film than I had thought. If I was a filmmaker I would change some of the camera angles and the shots. I would try to focus more on the individual characters and their feelings. I would focus more on Ralph and his point of view. Another thing that I would change would be to film it in color now that we have the technology to do so. That would make it more appealing to the audience. I would cast Josh Peck for Piggy because on the show Drake and Josh he was other-ed and a little overweight, as the book suggests he is made fun of for that characteristic. Josh Hutcherson as Ralph because he seems like he would be a sympathetic leader. Zack Efron for Jack because I can imagine him as the type of guy that tries to take control over a group. And Alex Gallegos and for Simon because he is a little quirky. 


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