“Where I’m From”

The brilliant morning sun rises

at exactly 6:30 everyday

the business of the city is apparent

horns yelling at drivers to speed up

streets filled with vendors

selling everything from car chargers to frunas

poverty is as common as dust on a dashboard

some sights are hard to look at

child labor, disabled and homeless citizens

others are breathtakingly beautiful

A snow capped dormant volcano

the dazzling city lights at night

at 9,350ft

the world is astoundingly different

for me at least

I am from this place

surrounded by majestic mountains

and people who changed my life

my love for many things

started here,

at the equator

the importance of family

my arising passion for the beautiful game

and my joy for life

are aftershocks

of an unplanned move

to Ecuador*

Inspired by George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From” poem



One response to ““Where I’m From”

  1. Micaela,

    Your use of punctuation of grammar seemed pristine – I do not think there were any errors in your poem.

    I loved your use of imagery throughout the poem, from “snow capped dormant volcano” to “dazzling city lights at night”. I feel this really helped me to imagine everything happening in this poem, and it gave the poem a good structure as well.

    For figurative language, I loved your simile, “poverty is as common as dust on a dashboard”. I think you added a lot of figurative language, which is really good..

    You used many specifics, but a few more can’t hurt.

    All in all, your poem was great throughout, and I enjoyed reading through it. Awesome job!

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